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Straight ahead with 'Light Erotic', or maybe a little more adventurous. It inside her a aint getting hyped. The model seen in the image above is an actual cam model on the site. She's been asking for feedback about her recent content, on her site and on Twitter.

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Last news on OWC are on www. Would probably lead some more guys to join her site. American guest posting , if there is indeed a part 2, which Katya or her ex might actually release, that might explain why Ultrafilms is finally releasing one of the two scenes she shot with Isiah THREE years ago lol. Katya Clover wrote a longer text once with a bunch of reasons to stay soft. Whoops, I stand corrected--another 'semi-HC' video released today. Just ask the admin to make an exceptional page for isiah.

Rachele. Age: 33. Im 5 '34 short brown hair hazel eyes iam fit and and love to get out and about i love having fun.

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Seen this for years now in the adult business, especially from the guys who've never had a girlfriend, and in many cases probably never will. Are they selfies on a timed exposure, a boyfriend, a husband, a wife, a lover, a local photographer, a traveling aid - I just wonder who that person is? I'm an idiot and she's not here, yet. But I'd use one if I knew of one.{/PARAGRAPH} The Wowgirls release should be the last shot in Ibiza 3 years ago. I wonder who her photographer is? Would probably lead some more guys to join her site. The upcoming sections on sites get treated very differently, but Katya wouldn't be the first to not keep it up to date. So let's dispense with the smarmy sanctimonious bullshit, shall we? Always helping but never indulging. And there's a bunch of these idiots actually praising her for it As she travels, she's been posting photos. Important thing is, if updates are coming, not if announcements are made about it. Let's hope those guys who don't want to see her naked, or getting naughty either, have the financial wherewithal to keep her within her lifestyle budget. I hope my lack of polish does not offend you or her. Acknowledging that is not the same as either wishing for harder content, or posting negative remarks about her work. She just declared herself on Twitter: She's currently shooting a bunch of new content. So yes, I guess I am the ass kisser you mentioned. It all seems like Pirate Island, in that people seem to think fake names are real and industries and sites are built proving background on those fake names. Sadly, there's a lot of ass kissers on her website, telling her whatever she does is golden. The photosets are possibly older one has '' written in bottlecaps or something on her stomach , but look to be excellent if you like the 'extreme bikini to nude' type style that she got started with way back. Frankly, I've seen her work. But as she says ' Not very tactful of you, especially if as is likely some of those 'idiots' are also posting here. Believe it or not, women have a lot of control over men concerning the breeding function. I'm not seeing any new upcoming content at all. I'm happy to read she knows her desserts, but I have a feeling that she's also learning the entire 'soup to nuts' menu. Criticizing the guys giving her that kind of feedback is not at all the same thing as criticizing the model herself. It shows somewhat of what's there. There are no more posts on the calendar for upcoming sets, videos, or blogs. I think we can all agree that the guy telling her she should have a kid in her website 'comments' is not exactly in her other fans' interest, whether they prefer explicit or not. I would like to see Indexxx post the little preview pictures in the portfolio section below, along with the MET-Art, Femjoy, etc. I always saw her as a facilitator. Does she ever see this site and respond? Maybe she has to provide them though. Look at how much background is provide for Katya-Clover and it's not a real name but a brand name. You do realize that the content she makes there is the type of content she wants to make right? So Katya HAS to leave some things behind, especially in summer, when should be shootings as much as possible! The result will be obvious. The videos more 'watching nudists play in the waves' type fare, from what the preview pictures show. I really think there is room for stuff like that! She allows herself to be used but I haven't seen her insert his equipment orally or vaginally, let alone anally. I, for one, recall reading in one of her interviews that she stated she wanted to have children and to learn how to gourmet? I, too, think it's Plauboyesque and targeted towards less experienced viewers than those of us who have seen her works in 'harder' settings. Does anyone have the inside scoop? Don't have high expectations She's currently shooting new content for her own site. She is living in the right country if she wants to learn chef's skills. Go to her site. I saw the content get changed over the last month with things disappearing from the calendar. Anyone seen this scene? I'm thinking the referred comment was from one who has been following her for a while and is supporting her position for children and the good life. This is not necessarily disturbing. I think this is funny bad. She's been asking for feedback about her recent content, on her site and on Twitter. I'm not sure I've run into something on the internet I can trust anymore. Anyway might be worth checking out. And the one part where she gets naughty with a shower spray, carefully avoids showing anything below the waist. But in the meantime, she could be productive in areas of erotica that would not disrupt her dreams of her own family. The latest 'travel video' was interesting and a great look at her exciting travel repertoire, but no replacement for an actually erotic video. The question is, if lots of energetic content with her should get lost just for keeping up her profiles as an explicit erotic performer. But I'll stand corrected if it's not. But, as you say, 'she's presenting what she wants to present'. This looks like something done on Ibiza years ago. It would be nice for her to have the money to live well and comfortably while raising her children and still be able to travel with them as her mother did with her. I also have the feeling this woman is learning to become an accomplished human being, mastering skills in as many areas as possible. No, I don't think anyone is calling her an idiot. Just watched the interview. Alex, Gina, Clover - who is 4. {PARAGRAPH}Interesting to see Bikini-Heat has had about a dozen updates, mostly photosets but with a few videos. I can't speak for Nebuchad, but I suspect he meant that kind of guy, not you ChoReb. It's a naturist's point of view towards nudity. I can go and watch her explicit stuff any time in my Katya Clover folder on my harddrive and enjoy her travel movies non-explicit. We'll find out soon enough. I was glad to read your post. And it's pretty much impossible to avoid the really serious fans going gaga and gushing all over anything their favorite model does. My 5 cent to that: I really love explicit erotic art. I find her impressive. My mind encompasses more than I can accurately describe in such a short space. Will be very interesting to see which direction she heads with it. And maybe she will go to study in the city of Lyon in France! The site - ModelCentro - will not return monies for the remaining times left on subscriptions - my subscription runs out in April of next year. What I said was, there are a lot of asskissers on her site. But there is endless of it out there from Katya Clover. The rest is organisation and office work. It's not explicit at all, so far. I wonder what's really going on with her or the site? Trench, there was a somewhat crass expression I heard when I was younger describing the perfect woman - she is a chef in the kitchen, a whore in the bedroom, and a lady in the drawing room. Relax, my friend, she will not let us down. Sure it can be irritating, but probably better to just remain silent and let them babble on lol. I, too, feel she's is shortchanging us all. The last post on the calendar for her site - Katya-Clover - is published. I often wonder, while seeing what's she's doing today if she's just winding down from her sexploits' momentum and heat to change speed and temperature to be able to do that - assuming she's found the seed she wants to grow for children? And the idea, to publish more casual or soft or however-you-call-it content doesn't make the whole of her portfolio damaged in any way. An outsider looking in, assisting as she can without compromising her inner agreement with someone. Now that she is shooting again it would be a good move for her. Without a rich boyfriend or sugar daddy, that's going to be extremely difficult to pull off, long term.

Sex on the street/Role-playing games/Sex in the car. Linnett. Age: 22. Hi there my name is Mark. I am a wonderful and loving guy who is getting tired of having his heart broken all the time. I just want someone who can love me for me.

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